The Modern Faerie Tales (Ironside) by Holly Black

Ironside” is the third book in Holly Black’s book “The Modern Faerie Tales.”

Roiben’s coronation is finally happening and Kaye is to attend, but at a distance. Due to her nerves, Kaye gets a little too lit off some faerie wine and thanks to two meddling faeries, she ends up professing her love to Roiben. He then sets her out to do an impossible task, if she can’t complete it then her and Roiben could not speak until she did.

Kaye ends up telling her mother the truth about who she is, and tries to set things right by returning the real Kaye to her. When she returns, Silarial turns Kaye into a pawn in her wicked games against Roiben.

I fell in love with a few things in this one. I absolutely loved seeing a whole different side to Corny. He comes out of his shell a little more and we see a darker side to him, but he’s still the lovable Corny we all know. Add Liam from the second book into this mix and we end up having some pretty well-written scenes between the two.

I also really loved how Kaye’s mother ended up. I can’t really say much but I have to admit she’s a lot more likable than she was in the first book.

And last but not least: Silarial is a conniving brat and tries to out-wit Kaye and Roiben with a pretty nasty twist on her side of things. I hate, hate, hate her and am very glad with how the book ended up.

Modern Day Faerie Tales (Valiant) by Holly Black

Valiant” by Holly Black introduces another set of characters: Val, her new group of extremely odd friends, and a potion making troll named Ravus.

After Val catches her mother doing something unthinkable, she takes off into the city to blow off some steam. Before long she meets a rather odd group of new friends and falls in with them. I didn’t really enjoy the characters in this one as much as I did with the characters in “Tithe.” Thankfully Roiben and Kaye make an appearance in this one!

I felt like this could have been its own little side story instead of a book in between “Tithe” and “Ironside.” It sort of took away from the bigger story that was in play with Kaye and Roiben.

I will sing praises to Holly’s magical writing all day every day but I something about Val didn’t sit well with me. Or any of the characters really, they were all rather crappy in their own ways…except Ravus. Ravus is PURE.

Another part I felt was very nonchalant was the use of faerie drugs to get high. I felt like the wrap-up was too cut and dry and didn’t portray the seriousness of the lasting effects addiction can have on you. When writing with a subject matter like this I think it needs to be handled in a very serious manner than just thinking quitting was super cut and dry and only due to one’s own willpower. Another part has a graphic scene of an animal deal so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’d advise you to just skip to”Ironside”, you don’t really need “Valiant” in order to understand what’s going on.

Have you read Valiant? What are some of your favorite characters or one of your favorite scenes?

The Modern Faerie Tales (Tithe)

Hello, everyone! My first reviews on my BRAND NEW SITE will be over Holly Black’s novels, “Tithe”, “Valiant”, and “Ironside.” The second and third reviews will be posted soon!
I don’t want to admit this, but for full transparency I will: I haven’t read any of Holly’s novels before I saw this trilogy at my local Books-A-Million.

I have two of her other books on my bookshelf but I have yet to pick them up. After reading a review someone else wrote about “Tithe”, I realized that Roiben and Kaye are distant characters in “The Cruel Prince.” That makes me want to pick it up ASAP. In fact, it will probably most likely be my next read.


I may be among the very few who thoroughly enjoyed this book according to the Goodreads reviews. *side eyes literally EVERYONE*

Ahem, anyway.

Tithe follows Kaye, our protagonist, who’s 16 years old. She has a rock star for a mother. After a random attempted attack on her mother, they’re forced to move back to where she lived as a child. Kaye’s always believed in faeries and magic, but coming back to her home in New Jersey seemed to ramp all of that up. Before long she’s mixed up in between two of the Faerie kingdoms and in deep danger

I’ve never read novels that involved faeries before. My supernatural reading life has been all about vampires and werewolves, and I somehow skipped right over faeries. They happen to be way more terrifying to me than vampires or werewolves could ever be, so I’m not sure why I’ve withheld this long. The way Holly writes about Fae and their world and customs drew me in so easily, simultaneously creepy and imaginative. And even in some ways, poetic to a point.

Not to mention the fact that I really do enjoy Kaye and Roiben as the lead characters. A lot of people didn’t enjoy Kaye, but with how she grew up and all of the things that she’s dealing with, I think she’s a decently likable character. She’s unashamedly herself and real that I couldn’t fault her on it.

I really can’t say much without giving away the whole story as it’s a rather short one. I’m also not one to bring up the negatives of a book I’m reading because I try not to see them. I read books as an escape out of the real world so I try to enjoy them as much as possible. I will say that the rating of 14 seems a bit young to read about some of the things included in this novel. Blatant racism and attempted sexual assault that was swept under the rug somehow to name two. It seems like it would be made for ages 16 and up instead of 14, but other than those issues I really enjoyed reading this one.

Have you read “Tithe?” If so, did you enjoy it? What are some of your other Holly Black novels you really enjoyed?

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